Risk is a security vulnerability management solution. The main app is Rails app backed by "medium data". My engineering role includes implementing a test suite and other best practices, along with adding to the feature set and refactoring legacy code.

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Harvest is a widely used time tracking and invoicing application started in NYC. The main app is one of the first recognized Rails applications. I played the role of "feature-adder" and "test suite wrangler".

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I was brought in after the start of this app to add an extra set of hands to iterate quicker. Seeing a velocity score climb is gratifying. I was able to work with some seasoned developers in the beginning and ended up taking the lead at the end. The iPad component was the first I had really worked on an app involving iOS. This was a gratifying project.

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I have a diverse background developing applications for both Web and mobile devices. With over 10 years experience, I've solved many a problem using various technologies. The majority of my latest projects have been built using Ruby and Rails. I've been both a team player and a team leader. Learn more about me.