Fred Von Jupiter mixes of 80s and 90s underground music 07 Feb 18:47 Loving these, starting back on number 1 and working my way through them. A lot of what I grew up listening to.
Mikey interviews Martin Gore 22 Aug 12:42 Mikey and I worked together at Nike, little did I know our musical tastes were so similar and that he had interviewed Martin Gore, the Martin Gore!
Moscot Vilda 22 Jul 01:58 Quality frames out of NYC, my new standard
Asket 18 Jul 15:50 High quality threads. Minimal. Long lasting. Love the t-shirts.
Pump Up The Volume 23 Feb 02:39 I may never have become an underground DJ but this film inspired me on so many levels. Maybe building things and putting them out on the internet is my equivalent. Not to mention the great tracks on the soundtrack.
Mick Mercer Radio 23 Feb 02:14 The OG journalist of goth posts shows with both old and new artists. I’ve discovered a ton thru these.
Sigma Sports Cafe Rides 23 Feb 02:12 As an American marveled by some European culture, these cycling videos that show a glimpse of the cafe/coffee shop culture makes me want to pack up my bike and buy a plane ticket.
Able Heat Lid for Chemex 10 Feb 18:11 I do pour overs at home every morning and am not a fast coffee drinker, so this heat lid is essential. Works like a charm for maintaining temperature.
The Cure Play It Out 05 Dec 12:47 A video from my youth. Behind the scenes of the Disintegration generation.
Old Cuban Council Projects 12 Nov 03:08 Brings back some good memories being involved in some of these projects
50 Useful Vim Commands 04 Nov 13:27 Relatively basic, but always a good primer when muscle memory doesn't save you
DJBrianL on Mixcloud 03 Nov 01:20 Various mixes of post-punk and industrial, really good selection, throwback and new stuff
STAR Method For Interview Questions 22 Oct 17:25 I like this method of prep for interviews as the candidate. Very helpful writing exercise to work through your years of experience.