In my current role as Director of Engineering at Blue Lava, I’ve had the opportunity to help define our roadmap, strategize on hiring, introduce tools like story mapping and feature planning, work directly with customers on feature requests, and implement automation that enabled my teammates to deliver more efficiently.

Before Blue Lava, I was Director of Engineering at Nike, leading several teams of over 40 engineers responsible for the transition to real-time data and analytics. I was asked to streamline several disparate systems into a singular data platform with real-time capabilities. We saved the company over half a million in AWS spend in one year. We implemented everything from data capture, ingestion, data pipelines, data warehousing, and machine learning. I focused on hiring and promotion, introducing roadmaps, budgeting, vendor relationships, establishing support efforts, and working cross-functionally with many internal stakeholders.

Before joining Nike, I directed the data platform efforts at Recurly with a core focus on building a high-functioning team. In the process, we introduced a DevOps culture that was soon adopted by the rest of the organization.

Throughout my 27+ years of experience, I have cultivated a comprehensive skill set spanning the entire technology stack. I have gained valuable expertise in various domains from JavaScript, Ruby and Rust, to APIs and data platforms.


  • Zyston/Blue Lava is an early stage SaaS providing assessment tooling for the security industry, specifically for CISOs gaining insights into their organization’s security posture. Voted employee of the year in 2021!

    AWS Ruby Rust WebAssesmbly JavaScript Postgres Lambda Dynamo CloudFormation Event-sourcing Kafka Debezium
  • Led the program of ~40 engineers responsible for Nike's shift to real-time data and analytics. Teams implemented instrumentation and data capture, data pipelines, infrastructure, warehousing, and personalization. Member of Nike's ~12-person data platform leadership team.

    Kafka Kinesis Lambda API Gateway Terraform CloudFormation Kubernetes Elasticsearch S3 Hive Segment Scala TypeScript Python Go
  • Led Recurly’s Data Platform and Services team and strategy, growing a small team into the team that received the largest budget increase of the year. Our infrastructure ran Recurly's reporting and analytics.

    AWS Data Pipeline Hadoop Sqoop Kafka Spark Elasticsearch Redshift Dynamo MySQL Ruby Python Java Scala
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    Krash Inc

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    Value America

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    Zing Networks