Michael is a patent awarded engineer and open source contributor with over two decades of experience. He's spent time as an individual contributor, principal engineer, manager and as a Director including leading Nike’s real-time data platform teams. He is a proven leader with the skills and knowledge to develop and improve an organization’s process, product and culture. Whether the organization was large or small, Michael has made a positive impact in every one he has been a part of.

  • Director of multiple teams responsible for Nike’s paradigm shift to real-time data accountable for millions of dollars throughout the supply chain and sales.
  • Successfully revitalized a demoralized team and rearchitected the data platform and services to be near real-time as the Director of Engineering at Recurly.
  • Lead Engineer for Kenna Security, acquired by Cisco, responsible for hiring efforts and establishing team foundation while being an individual contributor.


  • Blue Lava is an early stage SaaS providing assessment tooling for the security industry, specifically for CISOs gaining insights into their organization’s security posture.

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  • Nike has made large investments to establish a more direct relationship with the consumers of its products through technology. During the course of my tenure, I was asked to oversee seven teams that represented the effort to shift to real-time data. From instrumentation and data capture, to data pipelines, infrastructure and personalization, the teams I lead provided the foundation to utilize real-time data. We provided the platform and tooling that enabled other teams. What we built resulted in millions of dollars in sales and savings throughout the entire organization.

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  • Recurly has built a comprehensive subscription billing and payment system powering household names such as Dish and CBS. I successfully led the Data Platform and Services team in a rearchitecting effort evolving a large batch process ETL into a near real-time event stream that ran the Analytics offering.

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